Welcome to GOATEETV.com

Welcome to GOATEETV.com

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Kinder Goats

The stars of GoateeTV are kinder goats and Dark Knight, a Nigerian dwarf goat who is the instigator of goat antics, with his partner in crime Byte.

Kinder goats are a dual-purpose goat that is a cross breed of pygmy and Nubian goats, which results in a small goat that produces the best tasting, sweetest milk of any breed, a goat milk that doesn’t have a goatee taste. Kinder goat milk tests higher for everything good in milk, so it yields more cheese or soap from the milk. Kinders are a fine boned goat and have a meat-to-bone yield that is better than that of other breeds. In side-by-side taste tests of kinder goat milk, their cheese and meat wins every time.

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