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The Lore of the Golden Goat NFT

The Lore of the Golden Goat NFT

Capricornus Alchemy is the registered herd name of my kinder goats.

The ancient alchemist's goal was creating an elixir of life, which required the resources of gold to achieve. The golden goat of the ancient alchemists is one of the world's best kept secrets, only shared with a select few.

They discovered you didn’t need to use lead to transform into gold, the secret is in golden hay, the special rumin of these goats turns hay into little golden nugget’s of generational wealth to their owners.

The Golden Goats secret elixir of life is the golden colostrum a kid gets after it's born, from it’s 1st milk,  the golden milk makes the kids 1st poop little gold nuggets. When both parents possess the special golden poop genes, the kids' golden poop becomes real golden gems of wisdom to be cherished and prized.

I have rediscovered this long lost secret in cHunky the goat and some of my kinder goat herd. Kinder goats (art) therapy is the best medicine you can get, from the relaxing watching of kids bouncing around, to bountiful amounts of the sweetest milk and best tasting cheeses and they also spread goat wizdom of joy, in the little golden poops of joy.

Be a chUnky goat today and help spread his wealth of love, joy and  peace.

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